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Standard Sizing Chart

Standard Size Chart

Additional Measurements & Info


Bust - Waist: varies based on overbust style

Underbust - Waist: 4.5”

Waist - High Hip (Illiac Crest): 4”

Waist - Hip: 7”


The amount of reduction a standard sized corset will give you is based on your natural waist and desired end goal. For example: if you have natural waist of 26” and can lace an XXS small corset completely closed, then you will have a 4” reduction on your waist.


If your intention is to waist train (reduce your natural waist measurement by means of corsetry), then please do so safely. It is not recommended to lace a corset as tight as possible immediately; this can damage your corset and, more importantly, do harm to your body. If you'd like to know more about waist training or tight lacing (and the difference between the two), please visit Lucy Corsetry for a wealth of knowledge on how to train safely and effectively. 


Note: The listed measurements are based on a completely closed corset. For example, the waist will measure at 20” when the busk is closed and the eyelet panels at the centre back are touching.

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