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Quick Update - A Table

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Hello everyone!

As usual, life has taken some unexpected turns over the last few weeks with some longer days at work, the extended lock down and, of course, Christmas. However, we haven't been doing nothing over here at VVA! Despite not being able to make it to my studio to work as much as I had planned to before the Christmas hiatus, we have made a very significant addition to my studio set up that is going to make working on my project 1000 times easier and is going to be a huge asset going forward!

We have a cutting table now! My other half built me this fantastic 8x4' beauty just before Christmas so I can power through things while I still have one more week off work! We still need to get homasote (a soundproofing board that's great because it's pinnable) for the top and build the shelves and drawers into the space between the table top and base, but she is functional and I love her so much! No more cutting on the floor or figuring where I have space to roll out huge pattern pieces!

We're gonna be the studio 10-12hrs a day for the next seven days (works starts up again on the 4th) so we have lots of work today friends! Today, we're finishing up all the underpinnings and structures (save for the chemise) and the toile for the bodice, since I'm making some huge adjustments to my starting pattern. Hopefully we'll be fitting by this evening or first thing tomorrow and if all goes well, we'll be building the final stays and outer petticoat tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

xoxo Amara Ann; VVA

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